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Journey of a hero Chapter 1: where it ends part 1 :iconfartssamss:fartssamss 1 1


Halloween Cookies Part 8 (AR TF) Finale
'What the hell happened?!' yelled Kate. Most of the 'girls' were still in a state of shock, examining their new adult bodies in awe. Kate was the first to compose herself. 'Jenny, what should we, uh, excuse me...' Kate kept clearing her throat, unused to sounding so deep voiced, as she now was, “Those cookies after we ate them, we aged until we had grown up into adults!'
“Yes, but adults of different ages” thought Jenny as she continued to examine her new adult body. “Each cookie must have contained a spell for adding on various years.”
The “girls” all nodded, each was now excited too, wanting to explore their new bodies as each began to shed what remained of their shredded and sweat soaked t-shirts and much too small panties, they were all curious as they looked at themselves and each other. They were all surprised by the thick bush of hair that was now between their legs, but even more strangely how they began to feel quite natural in these n
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Mature content
Halloween Cookies Part 7 (AP TF) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 12 0
Mature content
Halloween Cookies Part 6 (AP TF) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 15 0
Mature content
Halloween Cookies Part 5 (AP TF) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 16 0
Mature content
Halloween Cookies Part 4 (AP TF) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 14 0
Mature content
Halloween Cookies Part 3 :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 17 0
Halloween Cookies Part 2 ( AP TF )
Up in Jenny’s bedroom, the girls all dumped out their pumpkin candy holders and started counting their booty. “So what shall we eat?” said Maria, a cute little Hispanic girl. “What about our cookies? They smell great!” smiled Jenny. “Alright, what does yours look like?” said Naboko, “Mine looks like an adult woman”. All of them took them out and examined them, each looked different to some degree to another, but eventually they all decided to simply eat them. They gobbled them all up as fast as they could.
Tara was in her room changing into something sexy to impress the boys she knew would be there. As she slipped on a short leather mini-skirt and short silky top that showed off her taught mid-section, she smiled and posed in the mirror. She was quite a beauty with her short blonde hair and large 34C breasts. Wait till the boys get a load of her, she thought as she ate her cookie.
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Halloween Cookies Part 1 (AP TF)
Tara was terribly bored with her babysitting detail. At 16 years of age, she had better places to go on Halloween. There was a killer party just down the street with all her friends, but her Mom wanted her to help her with her little sister’s trick or treating party with all her little friends. Her mother, Kathryn, was driving the mini-van while Tara would escort the 5 eight year old girls, Jenny, Hannah, Maria, Katie & Naboko to the front door of the houses they were visiting for treats. “C’mon you dwarves from hell” she mumbled. “What was that?” asked Jenny, her little sister. “Uh, nothing, I just said lets go and get this over with”. Jenny giggled at her older sister. Why did she not think Halloween was fun? It was Jenny’s favorite holiday, full of wonder and magic! She had even dressed up as a little witch.
As they approached the next house, Tara hesitated. “Listen girls, we better not ring this one. This is Mrs. Lipshitch
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Mature content
Dream come true (AP TG) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 41 1
Mature content
My Girlfriend is my teacher. (AP TF) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 27 2
Mature content
My Aunt (AP TF TG) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 67 2
CMSN- housewife surprise :iconblackshirtboy:blackshirtboy 651 18
Mature content
Sarah's Ghost Part 2 (AP TF) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 28 0
Sarah's Ghost Part 1 (AP TG) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 123 2
Mature content
Aliens (AP TG) :iconbubba1995:Bubba1995 52 1
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The Necklace (TG AR Caption) [Request] :iconnikwently:NikWently 265 3


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“so, what do you do now well just know that I love you” “that was the last known recording that came from the shecorkwa” well my names john ‘games’ Montana, I’m known as games because when I at the age of ten, I was crowned champion of all gaming by the games corp all because I beat the champ, well I could have said I’m the no.1 best gamer in all of the deminsole universe. “games you and your squad are going in and just note this not a rescue mission it’s take and capture mission” said major hunter.
One hour later
“GET TO COVER” said john “their surrounding us” Marcus said “ready the time warp and activate” one second they were there the next they we’re two days earlier. Meanwhile back on the ship the anti-known as Jessica won keska gets a destress call from the local planet, “I’m heading down to check out that destress call leaving coms”, two hours later,
Journey of a hero Chapter 1: where it ends part 1
so read it i want to know you people like it
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